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i get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

i can feel the devil walking next to me

80's music trivia, air circulation & purification, angels, animals, api, audio, basf 900 tape, bass, batgirl, bell hollow, big black boots, black eyeliner, black hair dye, boys with good hair, cats, chemistry, cold wave, cold weather, colors, command-option-shift-4, constellations, contact, contempt party, creepers, cruelty-free, dancing, deep voices, deja vu, depeche mode, design, dj'ing, donnie darko, dreaming, dreams that actually happen, driving, duran duran, dying hair, dykes, earplugs, eco-friendly cleaners, einsturzende neubauten, eye contact, eyeliner, eyeliner on boys, eyeliner on girls, firewire, flying, geek, girls with good hair, girls with good shoes, gort, guitar pedals, hair products, hands, high ceilings, homos, illogical crushes, industrial, industrial culture, intelligence, ipod, kissing vegetarians, listening, mac, machinery, making new vegan friends, making out, making out in bathrooms, making plans, melody, metal (not the music), misremembering, my mom, new wave, no-wave, non-leather, octaves, old mix tapes, old wave, ones and zeros, outerspace, photography, plastic, pocket rocket, post-punk, pro tools, purring, pvc, queer, really good stereo imaging, recording, recording bands, recovering goth, resonating feelings, resonating frequencies, reverb, rhythm, riding, rivers that divide cities, rivetheads, robots, salvador dali, science-fiction, self-fulfilling prophecies, shaved heads, short hair, short spikey hair, showering, sierra nevada pale ale, silver, sleeping, smiling, smurfs, sound, soundwaves, spacecat and 8ball, speaking gibberish, spooning, stars, steamed kale, steel houses, striped tights, studer 827, subtle sounds of satisfaction, suicide girls, synthpop, synths, talking shop, tape delay, tape op magazine, technosexual, the moon, the secret, the universe, the_way_light_hits_stuff, theremins, things that drone, things that oscillate, thumping hearts, tofu, vegan, vegan treats, vegetarian shoes, vinyl, watching bands, water, whales and dolphins, wi-fi, wiring